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About Us

Welcome to Bharti Media & Events Pvt. Ltd., a premier event management company based in the heart of Delhi, India. Established in 2012, we have rapidly become one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry, known for our expertise in organizing grand Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Expos, Trade Fairs, and Events & Exhibitions to promote Indian industries globally.

With over 8 years of industry experience, we have carved out an unbeatable niche in the highly competitive domestic and international markets. Our unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations has made us the preferred partner for events and exhibitions in India.

Our capacity to handle and organize business events of any size is unmatched. We thrive on challenges and are confident in our ability to host events as grand as the Olympics. Our success is built on firm determination, confidence, and teamwork—three pillars that have driven our growth.

At Bharti Media & Events Pvt. Ltd., we consider our clients as gods and our work as worship. We value each client and strive to maximize benefits for all exhibitors participating in our events. Our reputation is built on our delivered commitments and unmatched quality of work, recognized by industries and end-users alike.

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals with proven industry expertise. We excel in organizing grand Trade Shows and Conferences, particularly in Agriculture and Allied industries. Our strength lies in our unparalleled ability to bring together people and organizations worldwide to collaborate for mutual benefit.

We never compromise on service quality. Client satisfaction and audience gratification are our prime objectives. We are known for our transparency, integrity, and world-class services to participating exhibitors across various industries, both in India and abroad.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an unparalleled niche in both domestic and international markets by designing and creating successful platforms for MSMEs and other businesses. We strive to provide exceptional opportunities for growth and collaboration through meticulously planned events and exhibitions. Our goal is to build long-term and fruitful relationships with our clients by delivering unparalleled service and fostering an environment where businesses can thrive. We are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our clients, ensuring their participation in our events leads to significant and sustained business development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to craft compelling success stories and maximize business results by seamlessly connecting target consumers with participating exhibitors at diverse event shows. We aspire to be the leading platform where meaningful and impactful connections are forged. By creating dynamic and engaging environments, we facilitate interactions that drive growth, innovation, and prosperity for all stakeholders. Our commitment is to ensure that every event we organize not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients, resulting in significant business advancements and enduring relationships. We aim to be the catalyst for industry growth and a hub for transformative business opportunities.

Our Values

Our core values are centered on delivering unmatched end-to-end organization and management of Trade Shows, Domestic and International Trade Fairs, Seminars, Conferences, Events, and Exhibitions worldwide. We are dedicated to excellence, ensuring every event is flawlessly executed to create exceptional experiences and drive success for our clients.


Why Choose Us?


Registered and Professional

We are a fully registered and professional company.



We offer 100% transparent dealings and are available 24/7.


Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of organizing successful Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Expos, Trade Fairs, and Events & Exhibitions.


Competitive Pricing

We offer highly competitive costs.


Experienced Team

Our team comprises highly experienced and qualified members.


24/7 Support

We provide round-the-clock support services.


Industry Platforms

We have successfully created platforms for MSMEs and other allied industries through our events.


End-to-End Solutions

We provide complete end-to-end solutions for all your space and promotion needs.

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